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Savvy Kitchen Makeover

If you’re like most families in America, your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family gathers to eat every day, where your kids blow out the candles on their birthday cakes every year, and where the whole extended family piles in for savory holiday meals. You also gather around the kitchen table with your loved ones to have important family conversations, which can be fun or challenging but are often memorable. If your kitchen walls could talk, they’d tell the story of your family and your lives together.

Because we spend so much quality time in our kitchens, they’re also one of the rooms families seem to love updating the most. And who could blame us? It just makes sense that we’d want the space we frequent so much to express our style and personality.

You may think that updating your kitchen means looking for licensed contractors, living in a construction zone for weeks on end, and spending thousands of dollars on upgrades. While that is an option, there are also some smart, savvy DIY kitchen updates you can do yourself to give this room a whole new look. Below are a few solutions that can make a big impact.

Swap Out Cabinet Hardware for an Instant Kitchen Facelift

If you purchased a move-in ready home, it might have builder-grade hardware. That’s because many builders choose options that are considered classic or “standard” during the time a home is built. Or, if you’ve owned your home for any length of time, your cabinet hardware may be dated.

By updating cabinetry hardware, you can quickly change your look from standard to unique, rustic to modern, chrome to gold, or traditional to chic. Additionally, if your cabinets currently don’t have any hardware at all, adding some will improve both their form and function.

New Lighting Fixtures to Set the Mood

Do you have a grandiose lighting fixture that looks like it belongs in a southern plantation, but wants your kitchen to look more modern? Or do you have a chandelier that looks like it belongs in the home your grandma grew up in? A quick and simple fix is to find a lighting fixture that matches your personal style. Lighting fixtures are an easy DIY install, or you can pay an electrician to hang new fixtures for you for a nominal fee.

If you feel your kitchen isn’t bright enough or you have an old fluorescent overhead light, consider hiring a contractor for a day job to install updated lighting. Your lighting design should be planned so that areas over your kitchen table and most frequently used countertop workspaces are very well lit. Recessed lighting offers a clean look. A common rule of thumb is to use one recessed light every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. Additionally, pendant lighting can Illuminate your kitchen island while adding style to this common gathering space.

Triton Stone Natural Stone Quartzite

Update Kitchen Faucets to Improve Both Functionality and Aesthetics

Whether you’d like to change the finish of your kitchen faucet from brushed nickel to gold or you want to swap the design from farmhouse to retro, this change is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen sink. New faucets can also improve functionality and make it easier to fill large pots or wash dishes. Install a single-handle spout for a chic look that also helps make daily kitchen chores simple. 

Paint Your Cabinets to Give Your Kitchen an Updated Look

We’ve already talked about changing your kitchen cabinet hardware, but have you thought about painting your cabinets, too? For a modern look, you can paint your cabinets a bright white or perhaps a fun, unexpected color like blue. If you’d prefer a farmhouse kitchen, paint your cabinets an antique white or gray, and then sand the edges to create a distressed look. Whatever color you choose to paint them, don’t forget to add a layer of sealant to your cabinets when you’re done! If your budget allows, you can also change all your cabinet doors for an updated style.

Roll a Fresh Coat of Paint on Your Kitchen Walls 

Let your personality shine through painting your kitchen walls and ceiling. This is a great way to get a dramatic change to its look – all while spending very little money. While realtors recommend keeping walls light and bright for resale value if you’re in your forever home, go ahead and pick your favorite color of the rainbow! Existing wall art can look fresh when hung against a new background or opt for a few new pieces to match your new color palette.

kitchen backsplash

Add or Update a Backsplash to Make Your Walls Pop

There are so many kitchen backsplash options available at a variety of price points, and they can really change the atmosphere of your space. With DIY kits available, updating or adding a backsplash can easily and quickly become a weekend project for you to spice up your space with new colors and patterns. If you’re limited on time or don’t want to install an entire backsplash, add a design or mosaic behind your stove to draw all eyes to it.

Create More Workspace (and Eating Space) with a Kitchen Island

If the layout of your kitchen allows for it, adding an island can give you more counter and cabinet space. An island can also provide you with space to add some barstools and create a new place gather around. There are several pre-made, movable kitchen islands you can purchase. Or if you’re handy, head to your local hardware store for supplies and build your own, and then head over to Triton Stone to select your favorite stone for the countertop.

Contact a Triton Stone Design consultant to see how we can help with any of these easy upgrades. Find a location near you: Triton Stone Showrooms.

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