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Your leading provider of marble, granite, tile, and natural stone imports in Kansas City, KS

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Lenexa, KS 66219

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Micki DrozinskiMicki Drozinski
17:57 07 Jun 23
Katy and Karla are the best! Always so helpful.
Ryan HoughRyan Hough
16:29 30 Jun 22
Tanya JensenTanya Jensen
18:41 24 Jul 14
I just wanted to let others know that this business refused service to me because I had my children with me. There were no signs posted that children are not allowed and we had been to multiple other granite warehouses with our children in tow, without problems. I will buy from other companies, I will not buy from someone who discriminates against children. My children and I walked in quietly and left quietly, 20 seconds later. We were not unruly and would not have been had we been allowed to stay. I do not believe in bringing children into someone's place of business and letting them do anything other than walk in a quiet, respectful way. The playground is for playing, and they know what is expected of them at a warehouse. I would have been happy to leave if there was a reason, but there simply wasn't. I wouldn't even mind if I would have been told that they have a very strict policy with children. That children must stay within 3 feet of a parent and they are not allowed to touch any granite, equipment, etc. If any of these rules are broken at anytime, then they could ask me to leave, but not before I have exhibited, as the law states, "unruly behavior".
Darrin JonesDarrin Jones
16:31 07 Mar 12

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