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Pictured from left to right: Jeff Louis, Christian Jensen, Jack Jensen, Katie Jensen, Christian Howard: Not Pictured David Jensen and John Mendel

industry leaders in worldwide transportation, distribution & logistics.

Managing global supply chains for over 30 years in a professional, family-style environment.

Founder and CEO, Jack C. Jensen Jr, formed Jensen Companies after spending many years diversifying his business portfolio and broadening his employees’ talents. With beginnings in 1983, Jensen Companies is the holding company focused on the common needs arising from all of it’s operating groups.

Jensen Companies operates in many areas including trucking, warehousing, real estate development, resin and polyolefin packaging, marble, granite and plumbing distribution, import grain and seed sterilization, third party logistics, and customs house brokerage services.

President of Jensen Companies, Christian Jensen began his career with the family business directly out of college. With an MBA from Loyola University in New Orleans, Christian quickly learned all aspects of the business, and took on a leadership role from the start.

Christian has maintained his focus on expanding and developing the businesses, namely Triton Stone and TCI Packaging. He has an innate ability to identify how to position the Jensen portfolio for growth, as well as knowing where his siblings can best grow and excel in their careers. He offers guidance and leadership to them every step of the way, ensuring a successful path as they all work together.


Trucking and warehousing are the core of what Jensen Companies stands for. We are experts at safely and efficiently moving containerized cargo from ports on the Gulf and East Coasts of the United States. Transportation Consultants, Inc., or TCI Trucking, has been operating its fleet of trucks, chassis, container yards, and warehouses since 1983.


Jensen Companies uses its network of company-owned trucks and port warehouses to offer large-scale distribution for both first and third-party commodities including granite, PVC, Polyethylene, birdseed, organic grains, cotton, baler twine, lumber, and metals.


We are always thinking both inside and outside the box, so to speak, to improve our clients’ supply chains We are students of transioading, combining supply chain services into a sole Jensen Company service, and condensing freight patterns to save miles, shipments, and headaches.

Katie Jensen

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Howard


David Jensen


Jeff Louis


John Mendel



Jensen Companies Corporate Headquarters

We are proudly headquartered in Louisiana.

3900 France Road Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70126

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