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Porcelain Slabs: The Latest Trend in Bathrooms

There’s a new trend alert, and we are absolutely loving it! Porcelain panels have been around for a minute but are just now really gaining traction in the U.S. Look to porcelain panels for a seamless, grout-less solution for bathroom walls, and floors. With the ever-advancing technology, the patterns are more realistic than ever, and the end result is often breathtaking.

Offering the Best Porcelain Slab Options from Crescent Porcelain

At Triton Stone Group, we only offer the best porcelain options from our Crescent Porcelain Collection for those who are remodeling their bathrooms or beginning new construction. Available in a variety of neutral colors, our porcelain slabs and tiles often include a marble-like design to give your bathroom a high-end look. Most of our options include a complementary accent in a color slightly darker than its base color.

Porcelain slabs are available in 17 different color palettes with options for matte or polished finishes. Click here to view our entire selection.


An Aesthetically Pleasing Option That’s Easy to Maintain, Too

Because porcelain is harder, more durable, and less porous than regular ceramic tile or natural stone, resists staining, water, bacteria and odors. This makes porcelain very easy to clean and maintain. To care for your porcelain slab shower or bathroom floor, we recommend you apply warm water to them with a towel or rag. Yes, they really are that easy to care for! We always recommend avoiding abrasives like steel wool or scrubbing pads.

Of course, we all know that sometimes bathroom surfaces develop films or become a little grimy. If this happens, you can perform a deeper clean of your porcelain by combining ¼ cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water, applying the solution with a towel or rag, then rinsing your shower or backsplash with warm water.

Find the Perfect Porcelain Slab Option for Your Bathroom

To find the best porcelain slab option for your bathroom, see our samples in one of our 22 showrooms, or browse our inventory on our website.

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