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Hold Policy FAQs

Something we get asked about on a daily basis is about our hold policy for slabs. We understand that the process can seem confusing when you are trying to plan your project timeline. We want you to always be able to choose from the most current, beautiful material. For that reason, we have implemented a 30-day hold policy on slabs.

What does this mean? It means that once you have gotten your pricing from your fabricator for the different options you have looked at, and it is time to select your slabs, we will keep them on hold for you for 30 days. This gives your fabricator/installer time to come out and do a final measurement (where applicable), schedule the delivery date from us, and schedule your install date. Triton’s new Hold Policy will help make sure that the inventory you are viewing is available. We put together a list of questions that we hope will help explain things.

How long will you hold my material for?

Triton Stone will hold your material for 30 days. After 30 days, your fabricator will need to either pay for the slabs or have them delivered.

What if I don’t have a fabricator yet?

You can still place your slabs on hold if you don’t have a fabricator; however, you would need to secure your fabricator prior to the 30-day expiration.

What if my job is farther out than 30 days?

First, you can certainly have your fabricator pay for the material, and we will hold it at our facility until you are ready. The second option would be to have an idea of what you want to select, and then once you are closer to your project being started, you can come select. Our inventory changes so much, that there will always be amazing options to choose from.

What if I change my mind once I place material on hold?

We know that things change! If you place material on hold, and then change your mind within the 30 days, you can come back and select something else. However, placing slabs on hold should be reserved for your “final” decision. If the slabs have been paid for, unless there are extenuating circumstances, you will not be able to return them and reselect. (*circumstances could include: something happening to the slab in transit, something happening to the slab at the fabricator’s location, etc)

Can my material be paid for, and it still be housed at Triton’s warehouse until my job is ready?

Yes, we are happy to store your material in Triton’s warehouse until your job is ready for the delivery. A red SOLD sticker will be placed on your material, and it will be moved to a special section of the warehouse.

For any questions regarding our new Hold Policy, please reach out to a showroom located near you.

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