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fran keenan's design tip

When picking slabs, always remember the veining is more dramatic when looking at it on the vertical. When it’s installed horizontally, the veining is always more subtle. 

Credit: Fran Keenan of Fran Keenan Designs

dy lynne dabney's design tip

The vent hood is a striking focal point, often seen before the range itself. Invest in its beauty! Treat it like a high end piece of jewelry, worth the extra expense. 

Credit: Dy Lynne Dabney of Joyeux Home Decor

joni spear's design tip

Ensure your island commands center stage. When purchasing slabs for an island, always select pieces that speak to you. 

Credit: Joni Spear of Joni Spear Interior Design

marigold house's design tip

Stone slabs are not limited to countertops. Can’t find that piece of furniture with the wow factor to complete your space? Let’s design it! We worked with our local stone fabricator to create this stunning Calacatta Viola Marble desk. Because marble is very heavy, we made sure to design the desk in a way that it can be disassembled and moved if need be. 

Credit: Grace Tabuena & Jenna Tabuena of Marigold House

jama ketcham's design tip

We love using historical inspiration in a more modern way, like creating a large backsplash and shelf in a kitchen which is reminiscent of an antique wash basin. Historical nods are always a good idea. 

Credit: Jama Ketcham of Ketcham and Co.

march + MAY'S design tip

If a slab isn’t big enough to cover an entire space – book match it! This shower is book matched Calacatta Vagli on the walls, but this application also works for large kitchen islands. While we try to avoid seams when we can on kitchen counters, sometimes the look packs more punch with the book match!

Credit: Natalie Roe & Rachel Anderson of March + May Design

jennifer vought's design tip

I’m all about products that incorporate textures. Whether it be countertops, wall tile, wallpaper or wood…this adds a dimensional element to your design.

Credit: Jennifer Vought of Chic Restoration

kat bailey's design tip

I find it interesting that using thicker countertops creates an illusion of a hearty block of stone that is different than your typical countertops.

Credit: Kat Bailey of Kat Bailey Interiors

katelyn irizarry's design tip

Don’t be afraid to select materials with texture. Beyond choosing something that appeals to the eye, I love installing honed or leathered stone. It adds an unexpected element to the design and always provides an “oooh!” moment. 

Credit: Katelyn Irizarry of PRD Custom Homes & Interiors 

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