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Every Stone Has A Story

Every Stone Has A Story...

Where does Natural Stone come from? Natural stone, has a rich history with unique origins, and a stone’s story is one of beauty and refined craftsmanship. This video tells the story of Taj Mahal, a gorgeous quartzite sourced from Brazil. We believe natural stone has a beautiful journey from the heart of the mountain to the heart of your home.

First, the stone is carefully extracted from the quarry, a place where the earth’s surface delivers one-of-a kind natural stone. From high quality marble to stunning quartz and granite, this is a stone’s first home. These quarries are often situated in regions known for their abundant natural stone resources, such as Brazil, India and Italy.


Once the stone is extracted, it is transported to a processing facility where it undergoes a series of cutting, shaping and polishing processes.

Skilled craftsmen use advanced machinery to transform massive blocks cut from mountains into stone slabs. Finally, the finished stone slabs are carefully packaged and shipped across the ocean to one of our Regional Distribution Centers, located in New Orleans, Houston and Norfolk. Upon arrival, the slabs are safely and strategically unloaded. 

The slabs continue their journey to one of our many Slab and Tile Galleries. Each Triton Stone Slab and Tile Gallery is comprised of a vast selection of slabs, tiles and sinks – crafted to enhance any unique style and home. Along with our team of design experts, our network of partnerships provides our clients and us with valuable connections for refined fabrication to bring visions to life. Once the stone is selected by a customer, Triton Stone prepares the stone for delivery to one of our many trusted fabrication partners. 

The last step of the journey is installation day. Bringing your stone home to you and ensuring its beauty for years to come, is an extremely important step for us at Triton Stone. On installation day you can expect the countertop installers to arrive at your home with your custom fabricated pieces. The crew will make any additional field adjustments necessary to ensure a proper fit. Once the pieces are laid and secured, the installation is nearly complete. Finally, the countertops will be cleaned and sealed so they are ready for you to enjoy. 

With natural stone, it is critical to remember it is a live surface that requires care and maintenance to ensure its longevity. Using a cleaner that is safe for natural stone is sure to prolong the beauty of your investment. Triton Stone offers a Luxe Kit, which includes stone cleaner and polisher that you can purchase in our showrooms or online at  

Triton is not just a stone company. We are a team on a mission to use stone and its ancillary products to create more beautiful gathering spaces for humanity. Take a moment to appreciate your stone’s journey through time and the remarkable stories it holds.  

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