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Pioneer Award 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Katie Jensen, our CEO and leader, has been awarded the Women in Stone Pioneer Award! This prestigious award recognizes an advocate within the stone industry for their commitment to recruiting, retaining, and advancing women. Katie Jensen is a true trailblazer and her performance in promoting and supporting women has been exemplary, honorable, and inspirational.

We are honored to have such an incredible leader at the helm of our company. With her family, Katie Jensen opened Triton Stone of New Orleans in 2006, when she returned home after Hurricane Katrina. It was important to Katie to be part of re-building the city of New Orleans. Triton Stone quickly grew from one location to nine in just under 10 years. Today, Triton Stone has grown to 29 locations throughout the Midwest and Southeast of the country.

The company has remained family-owned and women run. In fact, numerous leadership positions within Triton Stone are held by women. Katie continuously empowers the women within her company. The vision for Women in Stone is to provide resources and opportunities to recruit, retain, and advance women in the stone industry.

The Natural Stone Institute offers a wide array of technical and training resources, professional development opportunities, regulatory advocacy, and networking events. Katie has encouraged women to join and be involved in professional organizations, like the Natural Stone
Institute. Currently, Katie serves on the Board of Directors of the Natural Stone Institute as the vice president.

Katie encourages growth within herself and her team, and she is always working to improve Triton Stone. With her many successes, Katie always chooses to give back and has a spirit of generosity. On top of her many donations to charitable causes, this past November all Triton Stone locations spent their Veterans Day serving the veterans in their local communities.

As a mom of four, Katie demonstrates a healthy work-life balance to her team. She is an excellent role model to the women who work on her team and to all women in the stone industry. Katie is ambitious, determined, and an intelligent leader who empowers other women to be the same.

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