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General Questions

For an optimal experience, an appointment is recommended but not required. Here at Triton Stone, we strive to always offer you the highest level of customer service, so whether it is your first visit or your fifth, a knowledgeable Triton Design Consultant will be assisting you for the duration of your visit. The only exception to this is during our Saturday hours, during which an appointment is required. You can make an appointment here.

All of Triton Stone’s Design Consultants are trained to assist in the design and selection of your slabs, backsplash, sinks, etc. However, many of our customers do choose to work with their own Interior Designers, which we love to work with as well.

Because special order products are not something that we typically keep in stock, we are unable to accept returns on these items. Exceptions to this do occur, but depend on the product and the supplier that the material came from. Please see your Design Consultant for more information.
Triton Stone is both a wholesale distributor and a retail store. Our slabs are sold as wholesale to the fabricators only. This is done to protect the homeowner from any issues with slab breakage, material allocation, and remnant leftovers. The rest of our products are sold as retail directly to the homeowners and include sinks, tile, etc. Your fabricator will be the one getting you the price and quote on your stone, whereas your Triton Stone Design Consultant will be quoting you on any other products you are interested in.

Please fill out the credit application, which can be downloaded here: Credit Application and Security Agreement (PDF)

Once filled out in it’s entirety, please email it to and someone will reach out to discuss next steps with you.

Questions About Slabs

Triton Stone is proud to offer the widest variety of both natural and man-made slabs for your projects. Below is a brief description of each type of stone, and the best application for it.

Granite: granite is a very hard, natural stone that is most commonly used for kitchen countertops. Granite typically doesn’t scratch or stain, can withstand high heat, and is usually easy to work with/fabricate. Granite has a wide variety of color and pattern options.
Quartzite: quartzite is also a very hard, natural stone that is almost exclusively composed of pure quartz sandstone. Like Granite, Quartzite is also resistant to scratching and staining. The look of Quartzite most closely resembles Marble, and this is due to the process of formation in the earth. Because of this, and trends in the market, Quartzite is one of the most desirable materials for your kitchen.
Marble: Marble is a crystalline form of limestone often seen as white with veining or mottling of color. Although, many people think of marble as white and gray, there are actually a large variety of colors available. Because Marble is composed mainly of Limestone, it is a softer stone that can be more susceptible to scratching, staining and etching. Marble is more commonly seen in bathrooms, due to decreased exposure to acidic products. Many people love Marble so much that they are using it in their kitchen, even knowing the risks it presents with scratching or staining. Luckily, there are many products that Triton Stone offers that can help maintain the look of your beautiful Marble.

Once you have picked a fabricator, gotten quotes on your slab selections, and have decided on a stone for your project, we invite you to come back to the showroom and choose your slabs. This is a relatively easy process made possible by our overhead cranes and forklifts. One of our skilled warehouse staff will move each slab in the bundle you have chosen so that you can decide which ones you like best. Your Design Consultant will then tag your slabs with our hold stickers, and your selections will be held for 30 days. Your information on your hold will be sent to your fabricator, although we do recommend you contacting them as well.
These are all different finishes that are commonly seen on slabs. Polished is the most common, and is a shiny finish. Honed is also pretty common, and it creates a matte velvety finish on the stones surface. Finally, leathered/brushed finish is most commonly seen on darker granites and gives the stone texture, while retaining the color. Leathered/brushed finish also aids in hiding fingerprint and water spots well.

Questions About Tile

The standard rule of thumb is 10% overage. This is to account for customer selection, broken tiles, and cuts to finish out a room.

It really depends on the material that is selected. When we can get you tile to match, we will of course accommodate you to the best of our ability.

We do offer a wide variety of pool tiles that come in many different colors and finishes. In addition, we also offer pavers and pool coping to finish your outdoor project. Please get with one of our Design Consultant for more details.

Questions About Stone Care

Triton Stone recommends that once your stone is installed, you seal it with one of our countertops sealants. Regardless of the material that you chose, all countertops should be sealed. The frequency however, does depend on the material. Granite and Quartzite do not have to be sealed as often as Marble. Triton recommends once a year for Granite and Quartzite and other hard stones, and every six months for Marbles, Calcites, Limestone and other softer stones.

It is very important to use a daily cleaner that is made for use on natural stone. The sealer that is applied creates a barrier between the stone and anything that may come in contact with it, so it is very important to protect this barrier. Common kitchen cleaners often contain ammonia, and this is something that will, over time, break down that protective barrier, and affect the look of your stone.

The answer to this depends on the material you have chosen for your countertops. Generally, it is ok to put hot pans and pots directly on Granite countertops, as well as to cut directly on them. It is not recommended that you put hot pans and pots, nor cut directly on any other countertop surface.

Fabricator Information

Yes, at the links below you’ll find video tutorials with guidelines to follow for correct handling and installation. 

English: Azerocare Video Tutorial

Spanish: Azerocare Video Tutorial

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