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Understanding the Chinese Quartz Tariffs



All the recent changes and disruptions in the quartz market have kept everyone on their toes. Triton Stone Group is no different, and we are monitoring the situation as things develop. In the current market, there is little to no supply out of China and now India and Turkey for quartz slabs. Anti-dumping duties have been filed against these countries by Cambria. This will cause a large void of reliable supply with consistent colors and quality quartz slabs.

Triton Stone Group is the national distributor of Vicostone in the US. Who is Vicostone? Vicostone was established in 2002 in Vietnam. Vicostone is a pioneer in the manufacturing of quartz slabs of the highest quality. With five Breton production lines, they have the capacity to produce millions of square feet each year. They are distributed in 40 countries around the world and are one of the leading quartz manufacturers in the world. (

Vicostone is known as offering one of the best color palettes in the industry, as well as always introducing new and innovative colors. Triton currently has stock of Vicostone in all our locations, and we also have developed a National Advantage Program. This program offers a selection of colors, that we will keep stocked in jumbo size slabs (130in x 65in) for programs, stocking needs or projects.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry and offering all the items you need to be successful. We are here to partner with you and help you grow. By being able to offer a quality product with reliable supply with Vicostone quartz, my team is ready to help you succeed.

We appreciate and value all our customers. Thank you for trusting Triton Stone to be your partner now and in the future.

My Sincerest Regards,

Katie J. Peralta
Triton Stone Group


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