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Outdoor Bathrooms? YES, Please! 3 Reasons You’ll Love This Trend

Gone are the days of the tiny outhouse that everyone’s scared to venture into. With both beautiful and functional designs, outdoor bathrooms are becoming a staple in homes that boast show-stopping features. We guarantee you’ll love these three reasons to get on board with outdoor bathrooms—especially those who have pools or that are keen to entertaining large parties.

Escape to Your Backyard

If you’ve ever vacationed in an exotic Caribbean beach town, you likely already have a vision in mind. You can commonly find outdoor showers covered with gorgeous rocks, using nothing but Mother Nature as the only barrier between yourself and the neighbors.

With the right planning, you can create a design that will help you quickly fall in love with showering or bathing alfresco, too. “We want to help people create bathrooms that feel like they’re on vacation, but show them how they can have this, every day, at their own home.” – Rachel Jones

To design your own serene setup that you’ll want to escape to time and again, consider natural materials from Triton Stone. For flooring, we recommend porcelain, precious stone or soapstone slabs to add an additional touch of elegance. Next, add a freestanding tub, a shower paved with natural rocks and plenty of tropical plants for just the right amount of privacy.

Finally, the fixtures will seal the deal on your outdoor escape to paradise. A tub filler and a waterfall shower head are stunning faucet accessories that add a touch of class.

A Pool Party Necessity

Without fail, whenever the pool party is in full swing, someone has to… well, you know… GO! The last thing you want is to have soaking wet kids (or adults) quickly finding their way to the bathroom inside your house.

An outdoor bathroom solves this problem every time. For both floor and counter materials, opt for something durable, quick drying and slip resistant. Concrete and soapstone are great options that are both functional, yet attractive.

To help keep the pool party squeaky clean, you can add a shower to the outside of the bathroom for guests to rinse off in prior to jumping in the pool.

Control Your Flow of Traffic

When you’re throwing the best backyard BBQ on the block, you have a reasonable expectation of a few things: lots of laughter, hours of great food, and yes, friends and family everywhere. That said, there’s nothing wrong with trying to control the flow of traffic to keep people from going inside and outside all night long.

One way to ensure that the fun stays outside? Having the proper facilities available for guests, of course. Whether a simple outdoor powder room or a completely outfitted guest bath, such as one of the above, outdoor bathroom access will keep your guests from milling about inside.

Since this is a bathroom for everyone to use—and not necessarily an alfresco sanctuary for you to enjoy in private—the materials you use should be durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. But that doesn’t mean that your design or details should suffer. At Triton Stone, you can create a look that impresses your guests without breaking the bank. Tile is a fantastic option for guest baths; with patterns and colors to fit any design, you can go as high-end as marble or more conservative with ceramic tiles. Travertine, slate and cement are popular materials for outdoor spaces that are likely to have wet feet running about.

Let us help you design the space you’ve always wanted, anywhere in your home. From gorgeous spa-like bathtubs that will transport you to your favorite getaway, to functional bonus bathrooms to keep the puddles outside, we have the team, equipment and materials to get it done. Contact us today to start building your dream outdoor washroom.

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