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4 (Not So) Surprising Reasons Quartzite Is Stealing the Hearts of Countertop Connoisseurs

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom but overwhelmed by the excessive number of options for countertops- and their sometimes hefty price tags? Not to worry, you’re not the only one to venture down that particular rabbit hole only to be left with more questions than answers. That being said, there’s a relatively new option turning heads in the home improvement space and it’s quickly becoming the go-to for homeowners and designers alike who want natural stone countertops that are just as reliable and durable, as they are a beautiful addition to any room.

Lay It On HOT

If you’ve never found yourself holding a hot pan or cookie sheet without a suitable place to put it down before burning off your fingerprints, we feel we should ask… Are you even cooking? Resistant to fire and heat, quartzite- a natural stone- can endure and withstand the temperatures from any hot pan or pot in the kitchen. As opposed to other materials that can be scorched when they come in too close of contact with a heat source, quartzite will not discolor or burn making it ideal for those all too memorable close calls in the kitchen.

Additionally, while we never recommend leaving hot curling irons on unattended, you can still rest assured that your quartzite bathroom counter will remain unscathed in the unfortunate event that you do so.

Ideal For All the Spills and Suds

We think it’s safe to say that no matter which room it’s in, you can expect your counters to endure excessive amounts of spills and soapy water in its lifetime. Thankfully, as a relatively dense and less porous stone, quartzite is perfect for homes with children prone to spilling colorful juices and spraying more water around the bathroom than in the actual sink. Not only will the counters not be impacted structurally, but they will also resist stains and discoloration.  

It Can Emulate Marble

One of the biggest advantages to choosing quartzite is that you can get the elegance you desire… without the sticker shock of purchasing a marble slab. In fact, quartzite is ultimately a better investment all arounddue to its durability to withstand wear and tear without etching as marble is known to do.

Diverse Color Palate

Not only can quartzite emulate marble—it is available in such a wide array of colors and patterns that your desired look can certainly be achieved! The options in quartzite are also expanding with new colors constantly being introudced into the market. Taj Mahal, Mont Blanc Quartzite, Cristallo, Fusion – this just names a few of the many options that are available. There are so many options available on the market that you won’t have to settle for something that looks almostjust right—It will look PERFECT.

Maintains Its Beauty

Finally, we understand that renovations of any nature can be costly, and we believe you deserve to get the products that have long lasting beauty and functionality. Unlike other materials- like engineered stone- quartzite will not fade or discolor overtime. It is resistant to UV radiation- ideal for kitchens boasting large, sun-facing windows- and it will not stain due to chemical or natural reactions, such as results from leaving cut lemon on a marble countertop overnight.

Choosing your kitchen or bathroom designs should be an exciting experience. Whether it’s your family surrounding the large kitchen island catching up or a small, yet exquisite piece of stone to complete your bathroom renovation, it’s our goal at Triton Stone to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to transform any space in the house. View our quartzite inventory here:

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