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Must Have Design Features for a Sleek Home Wet Bar

If you thought wet bars were just a hot craze that died in the 80’s, then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they’re back- and with a stylish vengeance. As opposed to a typical dry bar, a wet bar has the addition of a sink, making it a full service area to entertain around the clock.

Gone are the days of hiding away in the basement; now, wet bars are being added to pantries, converted closets and even going al fresco. Know what else is exciting? The accessories and styles are making wet bars an effortlessly flawless addition to your home. 

Here are a few of our favorite design features trending right now:

New Countertop Materials 

Similar to the countertops in your kitchen, a wet bar has to have durable materials to work on. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be overlooked that wet bars are also being designed to be trendy focal points of the home. To help achieve both purposes, homeowners are opting for countertops made from marble, granite or quartz. And the best part? You can carry the look of elegant counters throughout your home for a fraction of the price, due to the smaller workspace needed. This allows you to utilize show stopping slabs of stone for luxurious- and functional- wet bars anywhere in the house.

All the Sink Styles

Did you think a sink is just a sink? Not in our world! From material to shape and faucet accessories to depth of bowls, there are so many ways to customize a sink to your liking. Personally, we’re loving the copper trend popping up in wet bars across the country, but the sky’s the limit, so finding one that fits your own preferences will never be an issue. 

Instead of the tried and true small, circular stainless steel sinks for wet bars, we suggest trying:

  • Deep, straight-edged stainless steel
  • Rounded corners in a cast iron or fireclay
  • And again, our current favorite- a copper basin- which is naturally antimicrobial on top of being gorgeous to look at
wet bar stainless sink

Make a (Back)Splash 

If your goal is to use simple, sleek materials and neutral tones to compliment your current space- but feel something is still missing- we have great news for you! A backsplash can give any space in your home the POP you want without blowing through your budget!

Creative styles for your wet bar backsplash include using:

  • Textured tiles
  • Different materials, such as: Glass, stone, metal or brick
  • Eye-catching patterns, such as: Herringbone, antique mirror picket, chevon and octagon dot

Elegant, industrial, modern or craftsman- no matter which direction you choose to go with your designs, we’re just happy to know that the wet bar trend is retro no more. With functionality and style, the right set up can be exactly what your home requires for all your entertainment needs. Contact our design team today so we can begin pulling together your swoon-worthy wet bar design today!

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