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The Basics of Granite

Did you know that second to diamonds, Granite is one of the world’s hardest materials, thus making it the most popular natural stone used in homes? If you’re trying to decide which stone and slab are best for your home renovations, we’d like to introduce you to GRANITE.


As old as the earth, Granite has been around since the beginning of time. As stated above, Granite is a substance formed from liquid magma (molten rock found at the core of the planet), slowly solidifying underground, coming in second place to a diamond for hardness and durability. To simply put it, Granite is an igneous rock made up of mostly quartz and feldspar along with a mixture of additional trace minerals. We see numerous colors and textures in granite slabs come from these minerals with many variations, making each granite piece unique.


When renovating a home, it can be pricey. To get the most out of your money, ensuring the material is durable to your everyday life is critical. Granite is chip, stain, scratch, and crack resistant. Granite is also heat resistant, and even though it’s not encouraged to place very hot items directly on its surface, the color would not be affected. Therefore, you may never have to change or replace your countertop! 


Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping focal point stone for your room, or you’re looking for a more relaxed effortless slab, Granite can be both. Granite has endless color and movement options —this stone is looking for a home or office to transform! A few granite options include Magma, Golden Silver, Cloudy Ivory, and Blue Nile.

 Magma Golden SilverCloudy Ivory Blue Nile


Granite is used in a multitude of ways. If you’re building a wet bar that needs an eye-catching countertop to finish it off or a sleek slab to top off your kitchen island, Granite is the countertop for you! 


We found a great article on that outlines everything you need to know. You can read that here

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