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Timeless Granite Countertop Options

When looking at using natural stone in your home, you will find that there are seemingly endless options– quartzite, marble, travertine, and onyx are all used to varying degrees; however, granite is a by far the most popular material. Why, you ask? Let’s find out!

Durability of Granite

Second only to diamonds, granite is one of the hardest materials in the world. When installed correctly, you may never have to change or replace your countertop again. Granite is resistant to chipping, scratching, cracking, and staining. In addition, it’s also heat resistant. So (while not encouraged) setting a hot pot or pan directly on granite will not affect the quality or color.

The Beauty of Granite

Granite countertops can completely transform a room in your home or office. With endless options of color and movement, you can find something for any space. Whether you want your stone to be the focal point of your room or you want your granite to provide a more neutral role, there are granite options to fit your needs and style. Below are just a few options available at our 22 retail design showrooms. You’ll also find endless options here:

The Cost of Granite

Due to the widespread use of natural stone in ​modern​ home design, the cost of using granite has become ​significantly​ more affordable​, with options to fit budgets of any size.​ ​Granite also offers a better return for your investment since it can​ increase the value of your home ​and make​ it easier to sell.

Maintaining Granite

Maintaining the beauty of your countertop requires very little effort. ​Following installation,​ your c​ountertops should be inspected by the fabricator to ensure a proper fit and finish.​ For daily cleaning, regular soap and water are all that ​you ​will ​need. ​Granite should be resealed after every two years, which requires minimal effort from homeowners.

Let us help you design the home of your dreams. Our design team will guide you through the design process and help you select the perfect granite for your home interior project. Give us a call or visit one of our 22 showrooms nationwide.

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