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Should You Use Marble in Your Kitchen?

How many times have you seen beautiful marble kitchen countertops and thought, “I’d love this in my kitchen”? Then you think,”how do you take care of your marble or should you use marble in your kitchen? The answer is Azeocare and YES you can! The unique and natural beauty of marble is why it’s one of Triton Stone’s favorite and most beautiful choices for your home.

Marble is a classic material that artists and designers have chosen for their projects for centuries. The quarries in Carrara, Italy are known for producing the timeless white and gray pattern, but marble is quarried all over the world to harvest an array of colorful designs and veining. Marble brings to mind iconic architectural structures like the Parthenon, the Taj Mahal, and the floors of the Vatican in Italy which have withstood the elements and the test of time. Yet, some are still hesitant to use this material in their homes. As professionals, we hear the phrase “Can’t I just find a granite that looks like marble?”. The answer is that the stone composition is different; marble is a calcium based stone, which creates its sought-after crisp white background. But this also means it is softer and prone to etching. Granite is comprised of different minerals and undergoes a different process within Earth, that is why it looks so different from marble. Quartz, an engineered surface, has been become a popular option for those who want the look of marble with very minimal maintenance. It seems like the perfect solution, but clients looking for a variation in color, movement and veining are disappointed by the loss of the natural qualities which make their counters one of a kind.

A long-awaited product, Azeocare, has finally hit the market, and Triton Stone is excited to be one of the first to carry slabs with this revolutionary coating. When applied to marble, the newly-developed treatment offers full protection against etching and staining. Those culprits that kept marble out of the kitchen (think lemons, coffee, and our favorite…wine) will no longer be a threat to your statement island piece. Regular sealers help prevent staining, but no sealer offers full protection. With Azerocare, your marble is also protected from oil stains, so you can fry without worry. And finally, an added benefit of the treatment is that it increases the superficial or surface hardness, reducing scratching and making the surface easy to clean.

Azerocare offers incredible advantages when compared to an average sealer. It will allow marble to be included in many homes when previously, some may have been hesitant to incorporate this beautiful stone into your kitchen design. Azerocare is in stock now in a few select colors, and we look forward to an increased variety of colors available with this special coating. Visit one of our 23 locations to see our selection of Azerocare slabs!

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