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Popular Trends In 2018

Darker Hues

All white kitchens are classic, white marble will never go out of style, but just like fashion, we often see a response to whatever is popular and a counter-trend is born. In this case, you can pause your search for the perfect all white everything and start looking for heavier hues. At Triton Stone, we have noticed an increase in demand for darker, honed natural stone for to achieve high contrast look. Incorporating dark gray and black elements, along with white is the new thing! Of course, having large windows to let in natural light helps to keep space from feeling like a dungeon and adds another interesting design element. The picture below shows the charcoal matte cabinet, with dark leathered counters and white subway tile. This space has limited lighting so the use of the shiny white subway tiles adds contrasts and keeps it bright! 

Consumers are wanting to make a complete switch from white countertops and white countertops to smooth, ebony finishes. The dark kitchen is becoming “more trendy” these days. No matter whether you have a traditional or modern style, there’s a look for you too!


Funky & Bright!

Put the white ceramic down and pick up that glass backsplash! That’s right everyone time to get a little funky with some fun colors in home remodels. For a trendy kitchen look, accent bright color on your backsplash, paint a wall or get some interesting focal pieces around the house such as vases or light fixtures. Pairing bright colors with darker cabinets and countertops makes a big statement. Instead of the glossy white cabinets we’ve seen in past years, matte, gray and blue cabinets give a modern twist to any home remodel. The iridescent glass mosaic also plays well with the cabinets. If a full backsplash in color isn’t your thing, then try mixing it up with a neutral, intricate design tile. In the past, we have seen an accent band of mosaic separating the field tile backsplash. Now, many designs move the accent up to the top of the cabinets or down to meet the countertop.


Cement is…..Still trending! 

Still making a big wave in today’s kitchen and baths from last year, cement tiles can make your home remodel more eclectic turning it into a visual masterpiece. These patterned tiles can act as a focal point for your space and a pop of color at the same time. Cement tiles are made of natural elements such as sand, clay and color pigments. Eco-friendly and stylish, they do require sealing whether it is on a floor or wall. 

Laundry rooms and foyers are very popular places for cement tiles, might make laundry more enjoyable for some! There are so many different varieties and type of cement tiles. Triton is excited to offer beautiful and unique options in our Treme line from Crescent Collection (see below-pictured).

We are excited to see what other looks 2018 will bring! Whether you want to implement one of these trending looks or keep it classic, our team at Triton is ready to bring your design to life. Be sure to check our blog and trends section of our website for more inspiration!

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