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Wallpaper: The Hot Interior Design Trend

Forget about walls painted in neutral colors – or even having a boldly-painted accent wall. The hottest trend in high-end interior design is wallpaper. And no, the 1990s are not making a comeback.

Modern luxury wallpaper makes a statement and helps set the tone for a space. At Triton Stone Group, we’re exclusively carrying luxury wallpaper from Devon & Devon. These specially-crafted designs are:

  • Available in a variety of designs including geometric designs, dreamy landscapes, floral and animal prints, and Art Deco inspired 3D and optical effects
  • Available with accents like Gold Leaf and Antique Gold
  • Imported from Italy, the design Mecca of the world
  • Fireproof and resistant
  • Easy to install and glue, and don’t get deformed as they’re being installed
  • Eco-conscious as they are made with water-based inks that are odorless and nickel free

Our Top 5 Favorite Wallpaper Designs from Devon & Devon

It’s hard to pick our favorites from among the 32 different designs offered by Devon & Devon. But here are some that are on our must-have list.

  1. Bamboo, which comes in black, red, or sky, and as you can see from its product images looks amazing in a bathroom!
  2. Botanica, which can make a bathroom or dining room come to life, and comes in a variety of colors including black and white, dark, gray, makeup, and wine
  3. Rainforest, which brings a monochromatic tropical rainforest into your space on either a light or dark background
  4. Tapisserie, which brings to life beautiful Indian textiles in the space of your choice, such as your master bedroom.
  5. Lilies, which brings a fun splash of pink with waterlilies to your space.

Which Design Will You Choose?

We know it can be hard to choose between all these incredible designs. But our team is here to help you coordinate your space – whether it’s part of a new build or a re-design – to help you make the statement you want.

Learn more about our luxury wallpaper options at Triton Stone by visiting one of our retail design showrooms.


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