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Triton Song Journey



For the second year in a row, Triton Stone Group had the pleasure of welcoming Steve Farber as the keynote speaker for the annual Triton Rock Fest. Steve has become a close friend of the Triton family and his book The Radical Leap has become a staple within the company. His accessible, deeply inspirational, and eminently practical Radical LEAP framework is widely used across the business, non-profit and education spectrum. Farber has been credited with redefining leadership in deeply personal yet practical terms and re-energizing thousands of people to make a significant difference in their businesses, lives, and the world around them.



This year Steve brought two very special guests and musicians, The Brothers Koren. After embarking on a 15-year music career, traveling all over the world, and playing with the likes of Coldplay, P!nk, and many more, the Brothers Koren now use their musical gifts to offer a unique and immersive experience. As the keynote speakers for the 17th annual Triton Rock Fest, brothers Issaac and Thorald led Triton Stone team members, customers, and family through collaborative brainstorming to form the heartfelt lyrics of the song, “Rise”.





With their guidance and expertise, the melody for “Rise” was carefully crafted to perfectly complement the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. It was a truly magical experience to witness the song come together, as each note and word fell into place, creating a beautiful and meaningful anthem for Triton Stone. The finished product of the song not only embodies the spirit of Triton Stone but also tells its unique story. The song was performed live at the 2023 Triton Rock Fest, where the Brothers Koren, Steve Farber, and the talented Triton Stone Choir came together to bring it to life.

From the mountain to the home now

Gather around

In the city of the saints now

The love abounds

City by city, door by door

Rock Forever, forevermore we rise

City by city, door by door

Rock Forever, forevermore we rise

We are a fireball

We are rock and roll

We are family, y’all

We are all Triton Stone

We are all Triton Stone

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