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Porcelain SlabS

Porcelain slabs are one of our favorite trends that is decidedly here to stay. They can be fabricated and installed seamlessly so your project appears like a solid piece of stone. Porcelain slabs are extremely durable, efficient and gorgeous. The advanced technology used today is so realistic that most people have difficulty telling the difference between a porcelain slab and a natural stone slab. Porcelain slabs give you the ability to create an aesthetic from ultra-modern to classic elegance! 


The bold marble interior design trend in 2024 is set to make a statement, taking on a more daring role. In addition to the traditional use of marble on countertops, this year is about embracing marble’s dramatic potential through unconventional applications such as furniture pieces, intricate patterns and floor to ceiling marble walls. 


Pulling from fashion trends, the monochromatic look has made its way into the stone industry. From backsplashes to countertops to flooring, we are fully embracing the tone-on-tone aesthetic. Classic in design, this simple technique exudes luxury and elegance. 

unlacquered finishes

Unlacquered finishes such as polished or burnished brass, polished nickel and copper are design selections that should not go unnoticed. Consider using one of these beautiful metal finishes for your faucet, hardware or lighting to elevate your space.

statement islands

While the island is the heartbeat of the kitchen, recently this feature is being incorporated into other areas of the home. Closets, laundry rooms and secondary kitchens deserve a way to bring opulence to formerly mundane spaces. Statement stones used on these surfaces are more adventurous and bolder, creating one of a kind looks while lending functionality to the room. 

functional Outdoor Spaces

Comfortable outdoor spaces are an extension of your home. Not only do they provide an extra space to entertain during the warmer seasons, but outdoor kitchens also add value to your home. Enjoy a staycation in your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, pool, fire pit or grilling area!

checkerboard patterns

The checkerboard floor tile pattern is as classic and elegant as it is eye-catching and versatile. Traditionally, the grid tends to be made up of black and white tiles, but depending on the style you’re after, there are so many options of colors and types of material. 


Remember your black desk in chemistry class? It was likely made of soapstone, a natural stone with an ultra-low absorbency rate. It can be found in tones of green, black and charcoal, making it suitable for many design applications. The honed, non-polished surface can be left as is, or oiled periodically to deepen the color and veining, depending on the desired look. We love the versatility of this stone and are excited to see its use increasing in popularity!

Textured and 3-Dimensional Tile

Textured and 3-dimensional tiles are a very avant-garde way to update and enhance your space. It brings in depth and creates a unique aesthetic. Try this trend on your kitchen backslash, an accent wall, or shower.

Full Stone Backsplash

Sometimes the most difficult part of the process can be choosing the appropriate backsplash to best compliment your stone. Using your countertop material may be the perfect solution. A full stone backsplash is dynamic and easy to clean. Work on the profile and layout of your backsplash with your fabricator to emphasize the movement and pattern of the stone. This can truly give your kitchen an elegant look!

Leathered Finishes

An alternative to the traditional polished and honed finishes, leathered countertops are making a bold statement. This trend first made an appearance in outdoor kitchens, while lately, we have seen this trend everywhere from kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. We love the organic look and feel it gives the space. Try a leathered finish in your next project, as it adds texture and depth.

Honed Finishes

Lately, we have seen honed finishes on everything from countertops to backsplashes, and we love it! This is an easy way for your kitchen or bathroom design to stand out from the rest. The velvety, matte finish is both inviting and enticing. 


Old world charm with plentiful texture has driven this tile to the top of the design charts. Perfectly imperfect with its hand molded edge and hand painted finishes allows artistic expression from subtle neutral tones to the dynamic, bold traditional Moroccan colors. As one of the top trends in 2024, we are confident to say that Zellige tile is her to stay. 

authentic european materials

Beautiful stones hail from all over Europe. Italian, French and Spanish design influence the luxurious finishes being specified in all aspects of interior design. From time worn metals and vintage finds to antique marble slabs, these classic elements curate a layered look, inviting you in. With this trend, natural stones are being incorporated into more desired applications, such as lighting, baseboards, furniture pieces and accessories. 

mixing natural stone with non-natural materials

Layering different materials and textures create a curated aesthetic, going beyond fabrics and art. Using veined stone slabs on a console table paired with a sleek quartz surface on countertops or coffee table is a great contrast with roughhewn stones on the fireplace. Glass and antiqued mirror create a perfect marriage with honed marbles or quartzites, achieving a well-traveled and collected space.


Your sink is the most used fixture in your home. Gone are the days of the standard stainless steel sink. Workstation sinks have become one of the most popular selections because of their functionality, organization, and space saving benefits. With attachments and accessories such as cutting boards, vegetable strainers and glass rinsers, consumers are seeing the positive impact on investing in this kitchen fixture. Besides workstation sinks, other popular sink selections include apron-front, fireclay and stone composite sinks. These all provide durability and design to your space. 

Cement Tiles

Patterned cement tiles are in, but what are they and how do you maintain them? Cement or “encaustic” tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. These hand crafted tiles add interest to any design. They can be installed on floors and walls and can easily become the focal point of the room. While these tiles are made of cement, they must be cleaned with mild, non-abrasive detergent, and sealed once they are installed. Incorporate cement tiles into your next project to add eye-catching character!

Gold Finishes

Gold is making a huge comeback in home design, and the kitchen and bathrooms are not being left out! From hardware to faucets, gold is definitely in style! And we aren’t talking about your run of the mill brass from your grandmother’s house. Finishes include matte gold, brushed bronze, champagne bronze, polished or brushed nickel…the options are endless!

Colorful Kitchens

Color adds life and energy to a space, so we love when it is incorporated in kitchen designs. All white kitchens will remain classic, but adding a touch of color gives the space personality and style. Whether you want to go bold with a tiffany blue cabinet, or choose a more subtle design, like the quartzite island pictured above, we think adding color is an easy way to add character to your kitchen.

Black and White

Black and white color motifs will never go out of style. We love the elegance a claw foot tub can bring to a space, but add in the high contrast color pallet and we have total tub envy! A classic favorite, the white subway tiles are the perfect backdrop for the black tub & make the focal point of the space really pop!

Wood Look Tile

Wood look tile is something that has slowly grown into a major trend, and it is definitely something that we will be seeing for a long time to come. Because of the advances in technology, the manufacturers are able to create extremely realistic wood looks, achieving the beauty of wood with the durability of tile. And this also allows you to have “wood” in high traffic and high moisture areas such as bathrooms, shower walls, and kitchens!

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